Email: johan.holmer@futuregames.nu

Telephone: +46 76 225 61 47


Hi, I’m Johan Holmér!

I am a Game Designer and Scripter, currently studying Game Design at Future Games in Stockholm, with an emphasis on scripting intuitive systems, designing gameplayUX and creating versatile tools for team members to work with.

During my time in game education, my focus has mainly been on Scripting but also on Game Design. During my game projects, I’ve been doing Gameplay-, AI- and UI-Scripting and Game Design, but it’s really the dynamic between the two which I enjoy the most about creating games. I think this is why I like building versatile systems when scripting, to make room for the iterative process of designing and creating games.


Right now I am doing my degree project at Lost Anchor Games, developing a tavern managing game published by FatShark. I am working together with the Game Director on the core gameplay design and scripting First Person gameplay features in Unreal, to deliver a vertical slice of the game to FatShark.

The degree project will be done by the end of December, meaning I available to hire for a six-month internship starting January 2018!


Game Engines & Frameworks

  • Unity 5
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • SFML

Scripting & Programming

  • C#
  • C++
  • Blueprints Visual Scripting

Software & Methods

  • Perforce
  • SVN
  • Git
  • JIRA
  • Scrum


Game Design

Future Games
(2016 – Present)

Game Design & Programming

Uppsala University – Campus Gotland
(2014 – 2016)

Natural Science Program & Programming

Fryshuset Gymnasium
(2011 – 2014)